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Lung Saskatchewan is a Canadian registered health charity contracted by the Government of Saskatchewan Ministry of Health to provide education and training, tester support, information, and resources for health professionals and clients throughout Saskatchewan on home oxygen testing through the SAIL Home Oxygen Program.

The SAIL Home Oxygen Program provides funding towards the cost of prescribed home oxygen therapy for clients who meet the program criteria. Testing for the program is provided through qualified health professionals who are trained in home oxygen testing. Assessment and treatment is delivered through private oxygen suppliers contracted by the Government of Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Health Professionals


Patients and Public

Oxygen is a controlled drug and must be perscribed by a physician. If you think you may need home oxygen, please speak to your doctor.

Lung Saskatchewan has patient support groups to provide a forum where patients, caregivers, and their families can come together in a safe environment to ask questions, share experiences and offer support to each other. If you are interested in joining these groups, find out more at: www.lungsask.ca/lungs/programs-support/support-groups.

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Tester Support & Testing Questions

Jaimie Peters, MN, RN, CRE
Lung Saskatchewan

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Saskatchewan Aids to Independent Living (SAIL)
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Home Oxygen Policy: publications.saskatchewan.ca/#/products/11690

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Jaimie Peters, MN, RN, CRE
A health professional administering a continuous oxygen test. Patient sitting in chair with a pulse oximeter on their finger.